Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bridget's Fire at Yahoo Groups

Celtic Nation on yahoogroups is closing on April 30th, at sundown, appropriately. I will miss the group, though I admit it is hardly a place for careful feminist hermeneutics. Tearleach, listowner, challenged those of us saddened at the impending loss to go forth and start a new group. A good challenge and good idea!

So I registered Bridget's Fire with yahoogroups, with yours truly as moderator. I have no idea if this group can fill the gap left by Celtic Nation (I am not Tearleach, who has endless patience for sexist myth), however it will better be a place for anyone to explore puja/worship/meditation/prayer/scholarship to Bridget, Goddess or Saint. I certainly welcome anyone of any faith.

And we'll see if this is useful or not!

If ya wanna sign up, just go to yahoogroups: Bridget's Fire.

Cead Mil Failte and Croeso to all.

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