Thursday, September 16, 2010

What kind of Christian are you??!!??

Hee, hee. Ok here is another poll, and an interesting one at that! From researchers concerned that current scales of measuring Christian faith aren't inclusive enough of today's many types of Christianity, this one is somewhat inclusive of that Pagan/Christian line. Called the Religiosity Scales Project, it has questions such as How Important Is It To You (the scale on the quiz):

Not being prejudiced, or seeking to overcome my prejudices

Volunteering at non-profit organizations

Actively seeking social and economic justice

Taking care of the environment (eg., recycling, educating others about the environment)

Experiencing the presence of God in nature

Now, I admit, the word Goddess is absent. (Come on academic Christians, put on your big kid panties. . .) Still I enjoyed participating in the quiz.

And the result:

I am a Mystic! (100% scores;) I am also a Political Activist (98%)!

Ok, the test might not tell ya anything ya don't know. . . Still the research is cool, so consider participating!

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