Sunday, October 10, 2010

Morgan Tarot: The Dream

A fun and, well, dreamy card from Morgan's Tarot. The Dream is less easy to interpret than many of the cards I've already posted. Here is Morgan's reading for the card:


The waking dream is not contained in the head of a dreamer, nor is it outside of reality, nor is it in any unknowable space.


So what does it mean??

Well, in this case, much depends on the rest of the cards in your spread. Lots of cards about finding one's true self - quite the theme for this entire deck - and The Dream card becomes another tool for self-reflection and questing. Yet again, in a spread with many cards about future paths, this card can take on other meanings about finding one's way in the decision of life. And in a spread with cards placed as warnings, this card can itself warn against dreaming over doing.

so what you make of this card has so much to do with how it relates to the cards around it.

A good truth about dreaming, by the way. Our dreams can call, can warn, can awaken, can invoke. The Dream's meaning grows from the realities of our life.

P.S. asked for ways to meditate with these cards, I always suggest using nice coloured pencils and filling them in as you like. Enjoy!

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