Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hippie Tarot for Everybody

I've used tarot personally for over 25 years, taught tarot to Pagan and Christian groups, been the tarot reader for parties, used tarot for clients, family and friends. I have a multiplicity of decks, all that I love for different reasons and needs, and recently wrote some tarot articles to introduce cards to new readers.

And I have a favorite deck, which happens to be free, online, and easy to download. It is the Morgan Tarot, a hippie dippie deck that I consider my best deck for all around use. And it remains my favorite for its mind-blowing simplicity: no numbers, no funky, hidden symbols, no wierdo lay outs. Just great cards that challenge assumptions, connect readers to themselves and others, and wickedly accurate predictions that shock my most atheistic friends. (I do have clients who need me to explain magnetic forces and psychology for them to accept a reading. . . whatever faith stance ya need. . .)

I'm gonna blog on the Morgan Tarot, connect everyone with the links to this great deck, and just give some of my personal experience with the cards. IN NO WAY ARE MY INTERPRETATIONS CORRECT FOR EVERYONE!!!!!! The best way to learn tarot is to use the cards yourself, and find out what they mean for you. (If you insist on Ryder Waite decks with me, for example, don't expect me to tell you swords are "negative" as I never find them so in readings. . . ) Since I'm writing on, and have written before about, tarot, I obviously don't eschew writing about the cards. Yup, it can be helpful to hear what the authors of the cards intend, or what others have found when using the cards. BUT ULTIMATELY TAROT IS WHAT EACH READER FINDS AND SEES THEREIN.

So I write about tarot as invitation. Come play with cards.

They are such fun.

You can download the entire Morgan Tarot. Each card has an interpretation, usually delightfully funny and serious, as well. Anyone can easily start using the cards and the published interpretations. So go for it!

I'll start listing cards here weekly, and tell about them in my experience. This is a hippie deck, so I do find it sexist at times. I add a Dianic spin, because that is what I do. I also add LGBT spins, anti-racist spins, and of course a bit of socialism. Someone else working with the deck (like you!), should add their own views.

So for the first card:

"Your Mission Is Not Yet Complete"

This is an easy card in a reading. Morgan, the deck creator, offers these words on the card:

"The great archeological discovery is yet to be made. Traditionally the entrance to Shambhala (paradise) has been in Central Asia, more recently it has been found in Mexico, and right now it is here.

Actually you are fulfilling a divine mission by following your karmic path.

This is an opinion sponsored by entity X-1513."

For me, despite the fun of entity X-1513, the most important message is that your client is indeed on a divine mission. I like the language of karmic path, and use it in my daily life, and with the right client, that language works. However, for some Christians and atheists, karma has no meaning. For Christians I quote the bible here: GALATIANS 6: 7-9 (KJV) 7 works well, in the "you reap what you sow" kind of message. For a client wanting to reap a new career, sowing some classes might be useful.

The message that we all have a divine path is especially important for a client (or yourself) to hear. It is very easy for me to lose my own sense of holiness and importance when worrying about my greying hair or when looking at my bank statements. Middle aged, grey-haired hippies are not a top commodity in advanced industrial capitalism.

Most of my friends, by the virtue of wrong-colored skin or wrong sexual orientation, wrong physical or developmental abilities, or wrong careers, are not valuable in this culture either. Making one's way through the labels and stereotypes of this world is thus an endless form of psychic attack. It's hard to remember we are each of us holy.

Here is a great card to remind your client that they are divine. Their life has divine meaning. That growing and becoming the best we can be is God's or Goddess's or Bridget's or Buddha's or Jesus' or the universe's or the spirits' goal for each of us. Tell yourself, tell your friends, tell your family/ies, tell your clients:

You are on a divine path. Keep going!

I'll write on another card next week! But please, please, go explore the deck on your own!


  1. Wow!! I love the tarot! Thanx so much for this post1 Definitely will check out the Morgan Tarot! =) BTW, what is the name of the book which you wrote concerning tarot?

  2. Nope, haven't written books yet! I've written articles on tarot, mostly in area chapbooks through SW Pennsylvania Celtic societies. I'll try to dig some of them up, but plan to include lots of the information here, too.

    In the meantime, enjoy the Morgan Tarot. I love that deck!

    p.s. love your blog, too!