Thursday, March 25, 2010

First Bridget's Fire request!

I already have two requests for Bridget's Fire. So let's put hermeneutics aside for a bit, but only a bit, to answer questions! COOL, though. Please feel free to ask questions, post comments or make recommendations. I love finding mail and comments. . .

So the request was for an angry female Saint, akin to the Morrigan. I went to my favourite feminist hagiographer MB, and forwarded the request to her. (Surprisingly, google "angry female saint" and there are few listings! We all need to get on that!)

MB recommends: Catherine of Siena, one of the patrons of Italy! Famous for walking to Avignon to yell at the then schismed Pope, MB suggested I look for a lovely icon of the saint that portrays her carrying the entire Church as an arc on her back. (Found it and see it above!) In addition to regularly yelling at popes and bishops, Catherine is famous for her letters, many of which call to task the royalty of her day (1347 - 1380)!

So there you have it, for puja and worship and reflection and meditation or some fun political action, Catherine of Siena, a wordy and angry female saint.

You can find many of her letters online. Read Catherine's letters at Project Gutenberg, in English and Italian.

Maybe for a devotional in her name, write a letter to your favourite politicians and give them a piece of YOUR mind. . .

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  1. Love the idea for a devotional in her name! What a fun, interesting blog.