Thursday, March 18, 2010

I sat with a table full of church volunteers and staff last night, discussing our wonderful church home, it's commitment to the poor, children, political change, LGBT rights, new definitions of Christianity, yet a group of women and two men, we all laughed that even so, you never hear of God the Mother at our church home. I laughed about my own experience: a member of two Celtic worship groups and a member of a Presbyterian church, I find the only true way to follow a religious path is to stay to the boundaries of the Pagan and Christian worlds. Everyone agreed with me, especially the LBGT contingent there. At the same time, the head of our church's inner city afterschool arts program showed me her new blog, encouraging me to start my own.

Voila: Bridget's Fire is born, from a church room discussion and my own worship in the Celtic pantheon, from scholarly classes in theology and Celtic mythology, to the wilds of pagans dancing around the full moon, to the social justice work embodied by the progressive church.

This is Bridget's Fire!

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