Tuesday, August 10, 2010

StoryPeople and artist Brian Andreas

I found another artist, and as far as I know NOT a Bridget's Fire blog reader, sniff, while picking my daughter up from band camp. Another mom and I were wandering about upper New York State, and found a craft shop, and then found these amazing prints by artist/poet Brian Andreas. We were both mesmerized as we looked at every single print and sculpture by the artist in that store.

I came home determined to find the artist, and to keep an eye out for his work. And, thank heaven, I did find him, on line, at the StoryPeople website. The poem and print I most admire is now down at the bottom of my blog:

There is no one who comes here that does not know this is a true map of the world, with you there in the center, making home for us all.

That poem/print is going up on my kitchen wall, since I have been the mom-at-home for 16 years now. But I also love the print for Bridget, the center and source at her holy fires in Ireland, in our hearts, in our art and hand work. Home and hearth ring as true maps of many a world, from the smallest child at a kitchen table to the Goddess in unending fires. When I first saw the print in that Rochester store, I was amazed that such a simple image and poem could capture so much wisdom.

Bridget as hearth Goddess/Saint has received much attention in the Pagan/Christian world. Lighting candles to Bridget is one of the simplest ways to pray/spellcast/puja to Her, and one of the most common. Lighting the fire of inspiration, lighting an intention or prayer, lighting a new spark for creation, all are simple acts to sacred things. Cleaning your hearth before lighting a candle (or cleaning your stove - that most modern of hearths), are more simple acts with resonance back to our earliest ancestors gathered about firepits getting ready to share a meal. Clean a stove, and light a candle, and connect with eons of humans who created the magic of fire, hearth, meals, home. Clean a stove; make the world.

I believe Pagans, however, have been more intentional about the connection between a small home space - your stove or hearth - and the map of the world. Whatever apartment, trailer, house, tent, caravan, we call home, it is in its contained self a mini-world that shapes all about it. That home, that mini-world, is central to human life. Homeless is one of the worst things a person can be. A good home for any of us, is one of life's greatest blessings. Cleaning your stove and lighting a candle - small little actions - are great when they further the building of the world of home.

So, with one simple print, I felt deeply connected to Brian Andreas and his art.

And it turns out you can get mini-poems from him in your email box every day. At his website, you can sign up for a mini Story each day, delivered to you - no purchase necessary. (Huzzah for artists/poets finding a way to bring art and poetry to people everywhere!) Thus a little mini inspiration can find its way to you, every single day!

Inspiration, art, home. Good connections to build.

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