Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Which Animal Totem Best Suits You? QUIZ!

Ok, gentle readers, I get so many hits when I post these quizzes, so they are obviously enjoyed.

Here is one on animal totems, a subject I run into a lot in private tarot readings. Connecting with animals came to me, surprisingly really, when my youngest became the family animal lover. For her sake - at first, anyway - I kept ferrets and hedgehogs and hamsters and fish and turtles and lizards. And I found myself loving the animals, enjoying the care of them, and feeling deeply connected to every one of them - ok, except some of the guppies.

I have used Jamie Sams' Animal Tarot deck for decades, but caring for my own little mini-menagerie helped me see animal totems as far more important than I had.

so anyway, for today's quiz: What Animal Totem Best Suits You?

My answers: Dog/Wolf/Dragon, which are not at all totems I think of for myself, but hey, can't completely disagree as I seem to collect wolf spirits and well, I do have four dogs here at my feet. . .

Wanna know more about totems? Ask me!

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  1. I need to practice more on my Tarot and/or Runes. Maybe eventually I'll have/make time.

    I got Eagle, by the way:)