Friday, July 23, 2010

Find your fairy name!

Ok, ok. I am not usually a fairy person. . . The sidhe in Welsh and Irish and Scottish legend are not to be messed with, for example! Yet I found this link, and followed it to try, and got a name I liked so much I posted it on my link lists. . . Thorn Willowweb.

Well, heck. I love the name Thorn, fits me well. I'll add it to Onnen and the other names I've collected. I love willows, those lovely first to leaf out trees of spring and willowbark tea, and webs are intrinsic to a weaver like myself. (No I don't vacume spiderwebs out of my home. . . I love webs! This attitude does annoy my more arachnaphobic friends. . .)

But anyway, here it is. Find your fairy name and see if you like it!

(fairy clipart by Webweaver! thanks!)


  1. Ok, Onnen Greg gets the name Chanter Moondancer! St. John, if you read this, have a good laugh!

  2. I've always been a fan of Willow too, its associations describe me very well. My first wand(which I still have) is a "just the right length" stick I found in a creek near the apartments I lived in when I lived in a suburb of Chicago. I don't know for sure, but upon describing it to some other practitioners when I found it, I have a strong feeling it's probably a Willow.

    Oh, and I'm Thorn Hailwitch. lol.