Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Stop Puppy Mills - action!

Meet Nico!! My youngest puppy, now 2 and he has finally quit chewing barbie dolls! Of my four rescue dogs, he is the easiest - eager to please, smart and friendly. (Cookie, rescued from starvation and abuse in West Virginia, took months to quit biting men and to gain some weight; Skye, also abused before her adoption - as well as hit by a car while a stray, has tremendous health problems after her accident; and then Bingo, our criminal mastermind, the smartest - and shyest - dog I've ever met, who nipped until age 2, would be a shoe in for euthanasia if we hadn't worked and worked and worked to help her shyness.)

Nico was a puppy mill dog. He was born with health problems - no tear ducts, so as you see in his picture, he has constant tears streaming down his face and coloring his poodle hair. His first owners abandoned him in a park at the age of six months.

But good for him, he was abandoned near our old home, with the most wonderful "poodle lady" in the neighborhood, and when Nico was found our neighbors took him straight to Miss Julia and her rescue. She then placed Nico in our home, as she already knew all my dogs, going back to wolfhound/shepherd mix Murphy years ago. And despite 6 month old puppy teething, Nico was a delight from day one. Today, he and Cookie live in our laps - or your lap if you come visit.

Puppy mills are a huge problem here in the WV/PA/OH area - along with illegal dog fighting. Many of the farms that breed puppies either shoot the dogs that don't sell by the age of 6 months, or they sell the puppies to dogfighters. Thank heaven there is also a huge and thriving rescue community working to save as many puppies as possible.

Yet the best thing would be to shut down the mills. No dog should churn our litter after litter, in small cages, year after year. And no puppy should be kept in a wire cage, with no socialization or exercise. Yet that is what puppy mills do.

Help stop them.

Take Action at Care2Causes Here

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